Discover historic Melbourne with a handy new app

Flinders Street Station

Flinders Street Station

History buffs can now discover grand old Melbourne at the touch of their fingers with a free iPhone app that has been developed by the State Library of Victoria.

Featuring more than 300 images from the Library’s amazing collections, Street history: Hoddle’s grid casts a new light on the original grid of streets that formed the old city of Melbourne.

The app reveals rarely seen photos and stories of the user’s real-time location and the  surrounding buildings and streetscapes, as well as amazing aerial views – allowing them to view Melbourne in a whole new way.

Iconic buildings and locations featured include Flinders Street Station, Royal Arcade and Old Melbourne Gaol along with lesser known and no longer existing sites such as the Federal Coffee Palace, Melbourne Fish Market and the original Melbourne Hospital.

The app is available for download on iPhones and iPads and can be purchased from the Apple app store.

Media contact: Matthew van Hasselt, Media Relations & Public Affairs Coordinator, State Library of Victoria, phone +61 3 8664 7263 or email

All images are courtesy of the State Library of Victoria

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