New Bendigo food and wine app

Bendigo Wholefoods

Bendigo Wholefoods

The Bendigo region’s thriving food and wine scene is now even easier to explore thanks to the introduction of the new Bendigo Region Food and Wine Fossicking app. The app allows visitors to discover the best wineries, cider makers, growers, producers, restaurants and cafes across the region; which stretches from Heathcote to Castlemaine, Maryborough to Boort, and everywhere in between.

The app showcases over 50 of Bendigo’s foodie heroes including Simply Tomatoes in Boort; Bress winery and orchard in Harcourt; the award-winning Heathcote Wine Hub and Bendigo Wholefoods – a lively fresh food emporium fueling a return to local produce. At the touch of a button, users can delve into an authentic experience with back stories, images and stunning footage of villages, vineyards and farm gates to fuel a foodie adventure.

Click here for a preview of the 10 videos featured on the food and wine app.

The app is available for download from the App Store or Google Play.

For further information contact Lauren Mitchell on 03 +61 3 44086510 or email

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