New: Antarctic Journey and Penguins Plus at Phillip Island

Penguins Plus

Penguins Plus

Antarctic Journey at Nobbies Centre
In a world first, opening its doors on 23rd December, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Australia and Phillip Island Nature Parks launch ‘Antarctic Journey’. Located at the Nobbies Centre, this is WWF’s first Antarctic themed attraction anywhere in the world and Australia’s first WWF branded attraction.

Antarctic Journey will take visitors on a virtual journey into the wonderful world of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica, engaging them through interactive and immersive experiences over three levels.

In level one, Phillip Island is showcased as the gateway to the Antarctic, illustrating interesting links between this temperate island and the frozen lands of Antarctica.

Visitors then descend into the area known as The Lab where they will feel the freeze as they enter the Antarctic ‘Chill Zone’, try to sink a bowling ball, compare their thermal image with an Emperor penguin or check out a sea spider under a microscope. With the remarkable Antarctic landscape as the backdrop, the unique wildlife, research activities and conservation values of this remote continent will come alive before their eyes.

The final level is one of complete immersion in a state of the art multimedia experience. Visitors will be surrounded by an audio visual spectacle which puts them right in the heart of the action. All thanks to cutting-edge augmented reality technology, visitors can stand on an ice floe and pat a penguin, stroke a seal or marvel at a whale within arm’s reach.

Media releaseconcept film are available and images will be available soon.

Penguins Plus exclusive new viewing experience
Another exciting new attraction at Phillip Island this summer is Phillip Island Nature Parks newest exclusive penguin viewing experience, Penguins Plus.

relaunch and major upgrade of one of the premium Penguin Parade viewing experiences, Penguins Plus, provides an intimate new option for visitors who want to get up close and eye level with the little penguins. A 300-seat platform, which mirrors the coves of Phillip Island’s southern coastline, is set low in the landscape to provide extra special viewing opportunities. In an underground bunker below, 70 visitors can literally come face to face with the penguins through a 25-metre viewing window, overlooking the most popular penguin pathway at ground level. An additional 90-metre boardwalk provides minimum footprint and maximum environmental benefit.

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