Chevrolet Brasil Global Tour to Melbourne

Melbourne Cricket Ground

Melbourne Cricket Ground

Soccer fans will descend upon Melbourne when the two top-ranked football nations, Brazil and Argentina, play it out at Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on 9 June 2017.

Players Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr will grace the MCG, when they lead Argentina and Brazil in the Chevrolet Brasil Global Tour match, kicking off at 8pm. It will be only the second time the two fierce rivals have faced off against one another in Melbourne – the last being at the Olympic Park Stadium as part of the Australian Bicentennial Gold Cup in 1988.

The Chevrolet Brasil Global Tour is part of an annual football matchup between the Brazil and Argentinian teams. Argentina and Brazil boast current FIFA rankings of number one and two in the world and between the two nations, they have won a combined 22 Copa Américas, seven FIFA World Cups, five FIFA Confederations Cups and three Summer Olympics Gold Medals.

The competition will be fierce and the passionate fans can snap up tickets from $59 for juniors and $79 for adults.

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