Dunkeld’s Royal Mail Hotel to open a new restaurant

Robin Wickens at the Royal Mail Hotel

Robin Wickens at the Royal Mail Hotel

Dunkeld’s Royal Mail Hotel will open a new restaurant in October, on its property on the southern tip of Victoria’s Grampians. Called Wickens at the Royal Mail Hotel, the new restaurant will be named after Robin Wickens who has worked as Executive Chef of the award-winning Royal Mail Hotel since September 2013.

The current Royal Mail Hotel dining room will close upon the opening of Wickens at the Royal Mail Hotel. This will allow for the hotel’s casual dining counterpart Parker Street Project to double in size.

“This is a once in a career opportunity to inject a deeper identity into the work my team and I have been doing at the Royal Mail,” said namesake chef Robin Wickens. “The garden and the season are key elements in determining the dishes we create and from October the new dining space will add to the overall experience; making an even stronger connection between the land and the dining table”.

The new restaurant’s location at the Royal Mail Hotel has been selected due to its uninterrupted views of the Southern Grampians, which further solidifies the link between food and place Executive Chef Robin Wickens represents across his five and eight course tasting menus.

Details of the design, menu and further information will be released in the coming months.  The menus and wine program remain aligned to seasonal garden offerings and culinary philosophies underpinning the esteemed reputation earned by the Royal Mail.

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