Beechworth Honey sets Block Arcade abuzz

Beechworth Honey

Australian honey specialists Beechworth Honey will add further buzz to Melbourne’s historic Block Arcade when it opens its first store outside of its hometown of Beechworth this month.

Taking the trend for urban bee-keeping to a new level, there will be an in-store beehive in the shop window so that visitors can see live bees making honey and beeswax before they taste and buy. The bees will live in a glass box with a pipe leading outdoors so they can come and go freely. The city store means that visitors who don’t have time to venture to the beautiful village of Beechworth in Victoria’s High Country can still indulge in the sweet delights, gourmet produce and beauty products from Beechworth Honey. To sweeten the experience further, every purchase contributes to saving Australia’s honeybees thanks to the company’s innovative Bee Cause.

This novel addition to the Block Arcade joins a stable of 30 bespoke boutiques set in arguably Melbourne’s most picturesque arcade with its distinct early 1900s architecture and ambiance. Undoubtedly one of the city’s most iconic shopping experiences, the Arcade – which this year celebrates 125 years – attracts an estimated 100,000 visitors each week.

The Block has also recently welcomed the addition of an Italian-style café, gelataria and wine bar, Barbarella, from the team behind Melbourne institutions The European, Spring Street Grocer and City Wine Store.

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