New laneway and bar

Arlechin and Morane Place

Morane Place, a narrow laneway off Exhibition Street directly behind iconic restaurant and grill, Grossi Florentino, has been given a makeover and is home to a schmick new wine bar.

The laneway is part of the City of Melbourne’s ‘love your laneway’ program which aims to clean up and activate laneways around the city for more visitors and local to discover. The laneway is showcasing some new street art, by Mike Makatron among others, and inviting atmospheric lighting.

At the end of the laneway, visitors will find cave-like Arlechin, an intimate new wine bar ‘where food, drink and mischief meet’ by Guy Grossi’s team. Offering small delectable bar snacks such as the smoked eel parfait, oysters and the more substantial bolognaise jaffle. For drinks, a feature marble bar fronts a colouful and tempting array of top shelf wine and spirits ready to create classic and newly designed cocktails by Joe Jones from nearby wine bar, Romeos Lane.

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