Pop Up Globe at the Bowl


A full-­scale temporary working replica of one of the greatest theatres in history, the second Shakespeare’s Globe, will soon pop-­up near the iconic Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne from September 21 to November 12, 2017.

The Pop Up Globe is a working replica based on the design of the second Shakespeare’s Globe built in 1614 in Southwark London after the first theatre burnt down during a staged fire as part of Henry VIII performance in 1613. Pop-­up Globe is a three-­storey, 16-­sided, 900-­person capacity theatre. It unites cutting-­edge scaffold technology with a 400-­year-­old design to transport audiences back in time. No matter where they sit or stand in the theatre, audience members are never more than 15 metres from the heart of the action on stage.

Over a period of six weeks in springtime Melbourne, the Pop Up Globe will feature all the spectacular theatrical trickery of the Jacobean era, including cannons, flaming arrows, hundreds of litres of fake blood, hand-­forged armoury and more than 450 beautiful bespoke period costumes pieces specially constructed by the Pop-­up Globe in-­house wardrobe department. Capped with an onion dome, Pop-­up Globe will be a remarkable feature of the Melbourne cityscape, just as the second Globe was in London.

For its Melbourne season, Pop-­up Globe brings with it a travelling festival of four critically-­acclaimed productions – the riotous comedy As You Like It, the uproarious rom-­com Much
Ado About Nothing, psychological thriller Othello and the bloody war epic Henry V. Additionally, Melbourne audiences will be the first to see a specially-­commissioned new show,
Around the Globe in 60 Minutes!, which will thrust audiences into the maelstrom of history, allowing them to experience the triumphs and disasters that tell the incredible story of the
second Globe Theatre. For more details, go to popupglobe.com.au

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