A new dessert destination


Ice cream and frozen desserts take centre-stage at Glacé, a haven for anyone with a sweet tooth. Internationally acclaimed dessert chef Christy Tania’s first permanent venue, Glacé, has just arrived in foodie hotspot, Windsor, five kilometres south east of Melbourne city.

Artisanal ice creams and sorbets feature strongly on the menu, with flavours such as Boozy Date (sticky date pudding soaked in rum with vanilla ice cream and salted butterscotch), Ginger Spice (vanilla ice cream with salted butterscotch and gingerbread crumble) and Coffee Caramel (caramel milk chocolate ice cream with Kahlua and orange cinnamon crumble).

Even traditional flavours are infused with a Christy-twist. Here, it’s not just chocolate ice cream, it’s 72% dark chocolate ice cream. It’s not plain old strawberry ice cream, it’s strawberry and passionfruit sorbet. There is a coconut sorbet with coconut jam and intriguingly named creations like Ispahan – a mixture of lychee rosewater sorbet with raspberry sorbet – and Matcha Adzuki – green tea ice cream with sweet red bean paste.

A range of artisanal frozen desserts are also available. Think ice cream éclairs, ice cream macarons and ice cream push pops with cake sponge and layered ice cream.

Glacé is located at 1A Peel Street, Windsor.

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