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Getting crafty

Melbourne is home to a hive of creative makers providing a more authentic retail experience where consumers can meet the maker or learn the narrative behind their product.

Top Paddock, Richmond

Trending tastes

Whilst some of Melbourne’s dining trends continue to evolve, others have been replaced with new eating and drinking habits in a city that keeps visitors guessing.

St Jerome's - The Hotel, on Melbourne Central's rooftop

Popping up all over the place

‘Blink and you’ll miss it’ seems to be the philosophy de jour of many of Melbourne’s most popular eateries and experiences.

Charcoal Lane

All for a good cause

Many eateries and retail outlets in Melbourne are now operating as social enterprises; that is, solely for the purpose of giving back to those in need.

Video: A day in Melbourne

A toe-tapping minute and a half video depicting life in Melbourne.

Noisy Ritual

Urban vines

Wine making comes to town, with pop-up urban wineries and a new breed of unconventional inner city wine events for a new generation of grape admirers.

Vikki Kassioras’ ‘Token’ collection at e.g.etal

A centre for contemporary jewellery

Melbourne is regarded as an international centre for contemporary jewellery and is home to one of the world’s most vibrant and diverse communities of contemporary jewellery makers, galleries and stores.


Finding a shoe that fits

Although a rare art these days, a handful of shoemakers are keeping the traditional craft of shoemaking alive in Melbourne.

Cone 11, credit: Gina Milicia

Handmade for the home

Move over Ikea, Melbourne makers are creating high quality items for the home that won’t be found anywhere else.

Rone. Photo by Ben J Wesley

Street artists making it big

Working locally and around the world, on artwork commissioned by restaurants, hotels and exhibitions, Melbourne’s street artists are coming to the fore of the art world.